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Kevin Mahaffey

As lifespans continue to increase, so too does the fear of outliving one’s retirement savings. The need to protect assets and ensure a steady stream of reliable income has become increasingly important against the backdrop of stock market volatility. Protecting long-accumulated savings, generating tax-deferred growth, and securing guaranteed income for life are an important financial foundations in retirement.

Today’s environment includes a number of uncertainties in building a retirement plan including an uncertain tax outlook and stock market volatility. The stock market offers no guarantees, and for those approaching, or in retirement, relying on the stock market poses risks. Significant downturns in the market during the financial crisis in 2008 and recently during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic can be disastrous. Protecting the assets that support your financial goals in retirement is critical.

As a proponent of protection and guarantees, I help clients navigate the steps to protect retirement assets with no account fees, and build a stream of income that will never run out. This approach provides 100% protection from stock market losses, while at the same time allowing clients to participate in upside gains. It’s also important to know that I utilize the same concepts personally that I offer to clients.

Being a representative of several companies, I’m able to provide a wide range of options that are best suited to each client’s needs, including options that do not charge any fees. As a strong believer in providing personalized services and building long-term relationships, I’ll take the time to understand each client’s unique situation and provide an appropriate plan.

There are no fees to work with me, simply send a message via the “Contact” section of the website to schedule a no fee, no obligation consultation by phone or in person.

As a native Clevelander, I’m deeply rooted in the community. A husband and father of two, I’ve been involved in youth sports as a coach for over 10 years, and have also been active as an AARP Tax Aide Volunteer, completing free tax returns for community members. In my free time I enjoy golf, fishing, traveling and spending time with my family.



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